Muscular success

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The method of back muscle exercise:

(a) pull-ups

Exercise place goals: the latissimus dorsi.

Behavioral essentials:

Hands to seize the high bar, relax the back the following parts, the latissimus dorsi elongation in full, two leg bent to lift.Inspiratory, focus the latissimus dorsi contraction force, bending your chin on the top 2-3 seconds pause.Then exhale to the latissimus dorsi contraction force control, make the body slowly down.Repeat the exercise.

Hold from:

Wide grip pull-ups, in view of the latissimus dorsi, upper lateral two parts, effectively increase the width of the latissimus dorsi;With the narrow pull-ups, in view of the latissimus dorsi underside, is beneficial to increase the thickness of the latissimus dorsi.


Commonly use are grip, but also can hold, the gripping pull-ups can to biceps will have obvious stimulation.


(1) each exercise should be at full stretch and shrink the latissimus dorsi, down to the lowest, up to the chest, as high as possible, only in this way can maximize the developed the latissimus dorsi, carving out the muscle line.

2 action before and after the body not to swing in the process of using the inertia to power;General drooping, shoulder to relax, make the latissimus dorsi elongation fully;After each practice a set of, should hold the rod suspension for a while, to extend the latissimus dorsi, relax the practice importance is that can bring the latissimus dorsi stretch to the training due to the action limits cannot achieve.

(2) type stand up

Target exercise parts: shaft sma.

Behavioral essentials:

(1) stomach, stretch the body, legs and arms at full stretch.Your arm outstretched and elongate the spine, shoulders and legs slightly off the ground.

Abdominal and hip tighten, keep the neck, spine, into a straight line, slowly raised his left hand and right leg, restore to horizontal line, in the right hand and left leg up, keep your legs and hands are not landing exercise back muscle group hips.