A healthy diet does not harm the body

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A lot of friends haveTo lose weightRebound experience, such as don't eat dinner, or dinner only eat fruit, particularly evident weight declined, but a little indulgence, slightly weight rebound soon, even more fat than the original."Lose weight rebound", is that you just changed the diet for a short period of time, but I did not develop healthy eating habits.

 Weight loss rebound damage

Some friends think doesn't matter, weight rebound even think "can be fat thin" is a kind of strong ability, but the long-term weight bounce back and forth has great harm to the body.Our skin, mainly supported by elastic fibers and collagen fibers, so just be elastic, and repeated the size and weight change, will make the skin is exposed to a "tight, loose, tight" cycle of skin in the process of this cycle also lose flexibility.So often rebound, friends easier to relax, aging skin, full of wrinkles.

  Fast weight loss is not desirable

Although a lot of weight loss on market mechanism and product claims to "lose weight fast", "three days minus ten catties", even more exaggerated, but nutritionists would suggest, minus 0.5 ~ 1 kg per week is most ideal.When you lose weight fast, lost moisture and inside your bodyprotein, did not have the effect of "lose weight = reduced fat", in this fast weight loss due to physical fitness is broken, the human body due to save the role of genes, the energy absorption is higher, after rebound more easily.

  How to don't bounce?

(1) the weight loss is not hungry, hungry to lose weight is the greatest enemy, when people hunger, people experience preferred high-energy food against the status quo, so although starvation diet in a short period of time can have obvious effect reducing weight, but one can't be hungry to lose weight for a lifetime, once can't stick to indulge's desires, will rebound.

(2) the life habit, don't want to lose weight is a process of "rapid spike", think he is the pursuit of your life, set up scientific nutrition habits, and insist the way of life, it won't rebound.

(3) exercise: don't just want to exercise to lose weight, because exercise can not only consume energy, also can let you in after a period of timeBasal metabolismTo improve a lot.

(4) healthy diet habits including, (1) a few much food, must eat breakfast eating slowly (2) (3) concentrate on eating seven minutes full (5) (4) keep drinking more water (6) control appetite, eat less snacks (7) to reduce the frequency of eating out, and so on.